Pass me a fork …

I would normally never recommend watching “A Current Affair” (a trashy mainstream “current affairs” TV show from Australia), if fact you will most likely be reaching for a fork within 5 mins to stab yourself in the eye if you ever do have the misfortune of watching this show. But I came across this link in the comments section of a Yehuda Moon comic. It’s a wonderful commentary of mainstream media and the view of cycling in Australia.

This is 5 mins of TV at its eye gouging best. As unwatchable as as this is, you can’t miss the demonstration by the “resident road safety expert” (circa 3:30). This man drives a car into a bike buggy at 60 kph and then declares “these little buggies are down right dangerous”.  I can’t wait to see how they demonstrate how dangerous small children walking across the road is.

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